Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A primitive try at testing graph isomorphism in Excel/VBA

When we consider an adjacency matrix of a graph, each entry shows the presence of an arc between the nodes. Taking the matrix to the power of two, an entry shows the number of length two connections between the nodes considered. Similarly, the adjacency matrix to the power of three shows the number of length three connections, etc.

In this program a three-dimensional array is constructed, with the initial matrix at the first position of the third dimension. Next the matrix is taken to subsequent powers, each being stored at respective positions of the third dimension. Thus, if we take position 2-3 of the adjacency matrix and look at its powers on the third dimension, we will see how this node is connected to the rest.

The program takes the graph up to the power of the number of its elements. For each adjacency matrix element the sequence of its successive powers is then written out as a text string and the strings are sorted in an ascending order. The idea is that for two isomorphic graphs, the results would be the same.

This, of course, is a very primitive try at testing the isomorphism of graphs, as in the entire computational complexity theory this is one of only two problems in existence, the complexity of which is neither polynomial time nor NP-complete. 

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