Sunday, April 04, 2010

McCormick’s Bond Energy Algorithm (BEA) in Excel/VBA

This file contains an implementation of a classic seriation algorithm by McCormick, Schweitzer and White (Problem Decomposition and Data Reorganization by a Clustering Technique) – bond energy algorithm – in Excel/VBA. This implementation is very similar to the fortran code on the S-Plus/R page of Fionn Murtagh’s. Additionally, an article by Arabie, Schleutermann, Daws and Hubert (Marketing Applications of Sequencing and Partitioning of Nonsymmetric and/or Two-Mode Matrices), that uses multiple iterations, is examined. Some modifications to this algorithm are considered.

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Geunho said...

I want to solve the matrix problem about clustering machine-part of cellular manufacturing.

I don't know how to use excel.

Can you teach me how to work?